About Us

A Proven Formula that Works

FusionPoint Security is grounded in our belief that providing our clients with a unique balance of human and technical resources is the best way to help them navigate rapidly shifting cyber mandates and threats. 

Our unique ability to leverage the right balance of technical and analytical expertise with the best-fit tools in the industry provides our customers with measurable outcomes and a high level of compliance and resilience. What sets FusionPoint apart?


Exceptional People & Relationships 

We attract the most talented and certified industry professionals with our entrepreneurial culture, competitive compensation packages, and our commitment to customer service and impact. We empower our employees to respond to our clients’ most complex cyber concerns in a meaningful and value-driven way. This dedication and service excellence builds trust and long-term relationships with our clients and partners that we maintain via our quality work and timely results.

Strong Leadership & Experience

At the national and industry level, we are working with decision makers, partners, and technology that influence areas of the Risk Management Framework (RMF). This leadership and professional activity guide our work in every client engagement to our clients during each engagement.


Proven Processes & Value

We invest heavily in efficiency and quality, both of which improve our clients’ experience, cost, and results. Our process-driven approach provides effective and repeatable project, staffing, and contract management practices based on CMMI, PMBOK, and ISO standards and practices.