Corporate Responsibility 

Providing Value To Clients and Giving Back To The Community

FusionPoint is built around a set of core beliefs focused on the importance of providing real value to clients with enduring, cost-effective security solutions. Just as importantly, we believe we have an essential responsibility to be good corporate citizens in our community.

From our very beginning, we have been committed to giving back to our community – not only by contributing funds to support the ongoing work of local and national charities and nonprofits, but also by actively encouraging our employees’ direct involvement in charitable organizations and causes that are meaningful to them. We are proud to say that FusionPoint is developing a reputation for having a close and enlightened relationship with our community.

Why do we do it? First and foremost, it is the right thing to do. After all, we owe our success to our employees, who in turn are nurtured by their communities and the organizations that work to improve the quality of life for us all. On a more strategic level, being a good corporate citizen helps us maintain a high level of employee morale and pride in the company. That translates into happier employees, stronger recruitment capabilities – and ultimately, better services to our clients.